Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Update: I’ve posted a YouTube video on making Chorizo Breakfast Casserole!

I break my breakfast foods into two separate categories. First there is the weekend breakfast. This is meant to be extravagant, over the top, and possibly really long and time consuming.  There is a decent payoff but it is in no way practical for every day eating.  Also, these recipes might be too high in calories or have ratios that aren’t perfect for keto. The second category is the weekday breakfast.  These should be super easy and make tons of portions. Today’s recipe fits in the later category. Chorizo Breakfast Casserole is designed for 5 days of breakfast for two.

Finished Chorizo Breakfast CasseroleHere’s the finished result!  Note that half has tomatoes because my wife like’s them in her breakfast and I don’t ;)

ChorizoToday’s recipe starts with chorizo.  If you’re not familiar, its a spicy Latin sausage.  I used to be able to find it ground but for some reason it now only comes in this sausage form.

grinding chorizoNo fear, we can grind it! Honestly, I was kind of shocked that this worked so well but I just jammed those sausages into my Kitchenaid meat grinder and it make a really nice consistency!

Ground ChorizoI ground the whole package and froze the remainder for later.

15" Lodge Cast IronTo make my breakfast cooking easier, I recently picked up a 15″ Lodge Cast Iron. Note, this thing is HUGE! You can see my 12″ and 8″ in the background for comparison. On the plus side it really makes quick work of these large portion sizes.

Ground ChorizoSpread the ground chorizo out on the skillet and cook away!

Onions and PeppersNext I chopped up some onions and peppers and threw them in the same skillet after the chorizo was finished.

Chroizo and OnionsOnce the onions are done, add them into a large bowl along with the chorizo.  This is a change from the way I used to make my breakfast casseroles like the breakfast quiche. I used to mix them up in the casserole dish but this caused it to be inconsistent and it would often stick to the pan. So now I use a huge bowl and add all the ingredients as they finish.

SpinachFor this version, I microwaved some frozen spinach, drained it, and tossed it in.  Note that you could add any vegetables at this point.  I often go with either cauliflower or broccoli depending on what I have on hand.

EggsNow for the eggs. For casserole sized dishes, I normally do 12 eggs.

Cream Then I add 1 Tbsp (15 ml / 15 g) per egg.SpicesThen I add the standard spices.  For me that means onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.Eggs WhiskedFinally I whisk it all together.

Shredded CheeseThe last ingredient is freshly shredded cheese.

Add the CheeseAdd the cheese to the bowl along with all the rest of the ingredients.Add the eggs and mixThe last thing to add is the egg mixture.  Make sure to do this fast as some of the ingredients might be hot and you don’t want to scramble the eggs. You want to transition the mixture to a casserole dish soon after you add the eggs.Place in a greased casserole dishMove the mixture to a large casserole dish and optionally add tomatoes.Finished Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

That’s it!  You’re done!  Now you have a full week of Delicious Chorizo Breakfast Casserole!

Chorizo Breakfast Casserole
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 10
  • Serving size: 1/10th
  • Calories: 362
  • Fat: 28
  • Carbohydrates: 7
  • Fiber: 2
  • Protein: 24
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 16 Oz Ground Chorizo
  • 110 g Onion (1 small)
  • 145 g Green Pepper (1 small)
  • 366 g Spinach
  • 180 g Heavy Cream (12 Tbsp)
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, Pepper
  • 8 Oz Cheddar
  • 9 Oz Cherry Tomatoes
  1. Cook the spinach in the microwave
  2. Grind up or chop the chorizo and cook in a skillet until browned
  3. Put finished chorizo in a large bowl
  4. Thinly slice 1 onion and 1 pepper, cook in the same skillet, when done put in the large bowl
  5. When the spinach is done, add to the bowl
  6. Whisk together the 12 eggs, heavy cream and spices
  7. Add the cheese to the bowl and combine, then add the egg mixture and combine
  8. Transfer to a greased casserole dish
  9. (Optional) Add cherry tomatoes
  10. Cook at 350 degrees for 50 minutes

Tovolo 7.5 Quart Mixing Bowl
Most of my large 5day recipes and casseroles are all mixed together before being baked. You really need a giant bowl to hold all the ingredients and this one fits the bill!
Lodge 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet
The only pan you really need. Once properly seasoned, this pan can cook anything you can imagine! Lasts forever and never wears out.
4.8 Quart Casserole Dish
Great for cooking those gigantic, week long casseroles! I call them 5day meals on the website. Normal casserole dishes are 10×13 but this one is gigantic and can easily be divided into ten portions.


  1. Cute haha how you talked about chorizo when you use to by it already being ground and then you have to grind it now. When you take it out of the tubing and cook it, it grinds up really well. No need to even use a grinder! This looks super tasty I will have to try it.

    • There are actually 2 types of chorizo sold. One is the kind you are talking about: it is squishy in the casing and you can squeeze it out and cook it like ground beef. The other is prepared like regular sausage and would need to be ground up like this recipe.

      I prefer the squishy kind but I can only get that in a Mexican store. They don’t sell it in the regular stores around where I live. Just wanted to let you know!

      • Love love your recipes- But this sausage you picture above appears to be Chourico Hot Portuguese sausage not Chorizo the Latin /Mexican sausage……….

      • BEWARE! Mexican chorizo has 2.5x the fat and carbs, and 1/2 the protein of the two sausage chorizos! Substituting Mexican-style chorizo will greatly affect the protein/fat contents of this recipe.

        Chouriço (Portugese, pictured above) or chorizo (Spanish) is a hard sausage that must be ground. The two sausages are pretty interchangeable (re: The Food of Portugal). They’re made up of chopped pork and spices packed in an edible casing. They are just like bratwurst, kielbasa or italian sausage but with chorizo spices. Mexican chorizo is already ground, somewhat viscus, comes in a plastic casing that is never consumed and can be pork, beef, chicken or tofu with chorizo spices, vinegar and soy grits added. Mexican-style chorizo is commonly found in any SoCal supermarket and anywhere in the West/Southwest with a large Mexican American population. It is very tasty but substantially different from the sausage product.

        The key is a 2 oz serving of the sausage has 9g of fat, 11g of protein and 1g of carbs (@130 cal). A 2oz serving of Mexican chorizo has 22g of fat, 6g of protein and 3g of carbs (@234 cal). Please keep this in mind if deciding to use Mexican-style chorizo in this recipie!

  2. My fiance and I are trying keto. We’ve tried it a couple of times before but lack of preparation = failed attempts. I just made this for our breakfast this week and it’s fantastic! I subbed red bell peppers because he won’t touch green. It came out great! Looking forward to trying more recipes!

  3. Do you reheat the chorizo casserole in the morning or eat it cold? I just ask I can’t imagine it’s that pleasant to eat after 5 days of sitting in the fridge…

  4. I’ve tried a few recipes out but none of them have come out this good! (not because they aren’t good recipes, but because I’m impatient and ruin them) This will be my go to breakfast for the weeks to come :)

  5. Just made this and ate this! Was super easy to make and came out great thanks! Also under $10 for all the ingredients!

  6. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your recipes and tell you how delicious this one is! I couldn’t find ground chorizo so I just used regular sausage. I have since found a tube of chorizo in the small mexican section of the cheese cooler in my local Walmart near the mexican cheese, salsa and cheese dip–I will try using that next time. The chorizo was very inexpensive–under $2. It may have only been 12 oz though, I can’t remember just this minute. I also like the tip in the comments about not needing a grinder is you have access to a certain type of chorizo.
    Anyhoo, even with regular sausage this recipe is to die for. Started keto a month ago and have lost 8 lbs which is AWESOME for my 5’3″ frame. Keep on posting these great recipes. You are appreciated!

  7. What’s the weight of one serving? I had to make it in a different casserole dish and can’t quite do 1/10th container accurately? Thanks.

  8. Making these right now! I ended up putting them in large muffin tins instead of an 11×15 baking dish. I’ll let you know how they turned out!!

  9. could you freeze half of this to use for the next week? i usually make half (5 servings)…but i could save some effort if i could double or even quadruple this and freeze it.

    has anyone tried this?

  10. I love this dish. I eat a lot more in the morning than the rest of the day, so this is normally just 5 days of breakfast for me, but it’s been six hours since eating and I’m not even hungry. Oh yeah, and it tastes fantastic too!

  11. We made this last night it’s awesome! We couldn’t find chorizo so we just used hot roll sausage but everything else we did just like the recipe says. We just started trying keto and I am so glad I found this site! Will make this many times.

  12. OMG! This is indescribably delicious! Can’t wait to taste the next batch! You’re a wizard! Cheers!

  13. Question on the frozen spinach. Is the amount stated in the recipe the store bought package weight or is it the drained weight. I drained it for the chorizo breakfast casserole and it seems to have to much spinach.

  14. AWSOME site. Are the 7g of carbs total carbs or net carbs per serving? And where are the carbs from ?

  15. This is delicious and I am not usually a fan of the chorizo. I have had this for the last 4 mornings and am not even mad about it, so good reheated as well….really cannot say enough good about this recipe NOM NOM!

  16. This is awesome, I could definitely over eat this one. The only 2 changes I made was to sauté fresh spinach and a jalapeno along with the onions and peppers.

  17. Really good recipe. Directions are clear, thank you. I’ll be buying chorzio at the store. Right now I have a casserole in the oven, had to use sausage n bacon but mostly I followed the recipe provided. Thank you! Breakfast is a pain for me and so nice to able to precook it. New to kketo diet, I will be returning to this site.

  18. I took out the onion and the green pepper in order to lower the carbs, and added jalapeños for spice. Cut into 12ths.
    I did use a chorizo that was much more fatty than what yours looked like, and I think I will opt to go with grinding the sausage next time.

    I could not believe how delicious this was. I love keto because of amazing recipes like this that not only make me feel full, but taste great and are simple to make.

  19. I am not a fan of sausage. Can it be replaced with something else, like ground beef?

  20. I made this today and it is so good! I used breakfast sausage instead of chorizo and frozen kale instead of spinach (my husband hates spinach for no good reason). I’m excited that I get to eat this all week:-D

  21. Thanks so much for this recipe!! I just started Keto this past monday, and I made this sunday evening and it lasted me until the middle of today. I’m going to remake it in a bit, later today.

    I love how your directions are so easy and clear to follow. I sometimes end up skipping a step on some recipes or making a mistake and screwing things up. The only mistake I made this time was adding the cooked spinach before the onions and other stuff, a minor thing!

    My local store was out of chorizo, but the meat guy suggested I use veil and taco seasoning.. and it came up really delicious!! I’m hoping they’ll have choizo in this time so I can see how it tastes with the real thing.

    The tomatoes added a lot of flavor too. It was delicious and filling and super easy to make. 10/10 will make and eat again many times.

  22. I was pleasantly suprised yesteray when I found Johnsonville ground chorizo sausage!

  23. This is my second time making this dish. It’s delicious and eggs aren’t my favorite. Since I’m not a chorizo fan, I used sausage. Still great. Thanks for the week long meal.

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