Fry-day: Frying Cheese

Fry-day: Frying Cheese

Welcome to this week’s edition of Fry-day!  Today I’m going to break out the fryer and fry some cheese!  If you’re not familiar, there is a cheese Queso de Freir that is specifically for grilling or frying. Its a spongy cheese that kind of reminds me of mozzarella.
Fried CheeseHere’s the finished product.  It turned out amazing! It tasted and felt just like a mozzarella stick but with no breading!

Frying CheeseHere’s the cheese.  I was able to find it in the cheese section of BJ’s.Fried Cheese CubeI tried two different sizes during this test. This is the cube version.Fried Cheese SticksAnd these are the sticks.Fried CheeseIn the end, I found that I liked the cubes better.  The smaller I could make them, the better it worked out because it had a warm, gooey center. These are best served warm.

Fry-day: Frying Cheese
  • Queso de Freir
  1. Cube cheese and fry until golden brown

DeLonghi Deep Fryer
If you follow the blog, you know that I’ve gotten a little obsessed lately with my Deep Fryer to the point where I post a weekly Fry-day article. I had one of these in college and it always made me feel guilty using it. I feel so liberated that there are all sorts of keto friendly fried foods like nuggets, wings and brussels sprouts!
Cone Filters, 50 Pack
To keep your frying oil clean, you really need to filter it on a regular basis. Fryers will come with one or two filters in the kit but they run out fast. This 50 pack will keep you going for well over a year
Filter Stand
Use this stand in conjunction with standard cone filters to easily filter your oil. This system is in place of the filtering method that comes with your fryer.


  1. Hope you had a lovely holiday. Almond bun stuffing was a hit even with non keto folks!

    Oh my god. So I’d like to you know that this simple cheese recipe is a life changing proposition. So so SO good.

    We went ahead and got the deep fryer in your kitchen suggestions too. It arrived yesterday. Im sure it will change our lives also :) in keto and in health, a fan :)

  2. Just tried this in our deep fryer and it was AMAZING! So easy and no breading required to get that beautiful golden crust. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This cheese looks just like paneer. This is pretty standard fare for north indians, I recommend shahi paneer (cream based), paneer makhni (like butter chicken), or paneer tikka (fried hard and lots of spices added for bomb flavor)

    Enjoy friendz!

    Also lamb and goat curry is pretty much fave indian keto dishes… woooooooooo

  4. For deep frying, what temp? How long did you fry the cheese? Will mozzarella string cheese work? What are the calories, carbs, and fats? Thanks!

    • You have to use special frying cheese or else it will just disintegrate. The frying temperature I normally use is 375 degrees. For the nutrition, it depends on what type of cheese you end up using and how much you eat :)

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