Loaded Baked Chicken

Loaded Baked Chicken

Inspired by the outlawed baked potato, today I show you how to make loaded baked chicken!  I served it with some spicy fried brussels sprouts for the perfect meal!

Finished Loaded Baked ChickenHere’s the finished loaded baked chicken, kind of looks like a loaded baked potato, doesn’t it? I’ve paired it here with some spicy brussels sprouts. Skillet with OilStart with a cast iron skillet.  Add some cooking oil and get it really hot.  Personally, I always use leftover bacon fat but you could use olive oil or something similar.Frying Chicken with Splatter ShieldNext, drop the chicken into the heated oil. I like to use a splatter screen to try and reduce the amount of splatter on the stove. Ideally you want some nice caramelization on the outside of the chicken but that much heat will definitely splatter. Chopped BaconWhile the chicken is cooking, we’ll make some bacon bits.  Basically I just took four slices of bacon and cut them in half.Bacon in the FryerI already had my deep fryer out for the Brussels Sprouts so I figured I’d have it do double duty and make some bacon bits. You can just pan fry some bacon if you don’t have a fryer handy :)
Fried Bacon PiecesThey turned out really well! Bacon curls a lot in the fryer but for this application it doesn’t really matter since we’ll be crumbling them.

Bacon Bits Let them drain out on a paper towel and we’ll use them later. Chicken with Bacon Press
I threw the bacon press on the chicken to try and force more surface area on the bottom of the cast iron to increase browning.
Green Onions
While the chicken is cooking, we can prep the green onions as well. I like to wash them, then cut the ends off, and then cut them in half. This makes it easier to chop them all at once.

Chopped Green Onions
Here’s the chopped green onions.

Cooked Chicken with Soy Sauce
Once the chicken is done, place them in a baking dish and cover the chicken with the soy sauce.
Ranch on Chicken
Next, add the ranch dressing on top of the chicken.
Chicken with Bacon BitsLayer the chicken with bacon bits.
Green Onions on ChickenAnd green onions.
Cheese on ChickenAnd cheese.
Finished ChickenPlace the chicken under the broiler until the cheese has melted. Then you’re all done with your loaded baked chicken!

Loaded Baked Chicken
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 4
  • Serving size: ¼th
  • Calories: 527
  • Fat: 28
  • Carbohydrates: 3
  • Fiber: 0
  • Protein: 63
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 4 Bacon Strips
  • 1 Oz. Soy Sauce
  • 4 Oz. Ranch Dressing
  • 3 Green Onions
  • 4 Oz. Cheddar Cheese
  1. Heat cast iron pan with some cooking oil on high
  2. Pan fry chicken breasts, flipping half way, until internal temperature reaches 165, probably 10-15 minutes depending on thickness
  3. While chicken is cooking, prepare bacon bits by frying or cooking bacon and then crumbling
  4. Also, chop up 3 green onion stalks
  5. Place chicken in a baking dish and top with soy sauce, then ranch, then bacon, green onions and cheese
  6. Broil on high until the cheese melts, 3-4 minutes


  1. That looks so good! I appreciate your site for all the wonderful recipes. It gets hard to come up with recipes during the keto diet. Thanks!

  2. Yum, looks delicious. Anything that has bacon, cheese and green onion is awesome. I make my own faux loaded potato skins just using a cheese crisp (baked and melted cheddar cheese) as the base and top with sour cream.

    So yummy! Thanks for sharing.


  3. This looks great! One way to get more surface area is to butterfly cut the chicken breast. Basically just cut almost all the way through the breast horizontally and then open up like a book. It also will take less time to cook this way.

  4. We tried this today and it was excellent. Good idea, thanks for taking the time to post it!

  5. P.S., we used less ranch than you, but had sour cream as a dip – another “loaded” type condiment, so I recommend trying that.

  6. Did these for the week with a slight variation – I wrapped each chicken breast in 2 pieces of bacon and then threw them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Cooked both the chicken and the bacon together!

  7. i’ve spent all weekend gathering information from your site and i’m very thankful for it all! today is day 1 for me! yay!
    one question though, soy sauce has gluten in it…. isn’t that a no no for keto? (sorry for the silly question…i’m so new to this)

    • It really depends on the amount of soy sauce. In moderation I think you’re ok. I wouldn’t chug the stuff but its about 1 carb per TBSP. Also, the keto diet isn’t strictly Gluten free although it is easy to make it so.

  8. Stumbled upon this recipe when I was trying to find some delicious, easy low-carb recipes for my husband. WHAT A HIT IT WAS! I am required to make this once a week now! I can’t wait to see what other recipes I can find here and now I am determined to try keto as well!

  9. Hmm, soy sauce and ranch dressing…I’ve never tried that!

    Does Caesar dressing work too?

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