Turkey Broth

From the better late than never department, I am finally getting around to posting the super cool keto friendly recipes I made for Thanksgiving. The very first thing I made was turkey stock.  I used it as the basis for both my keto gravy and my keto stuffing.  Of course you could always just sub chicken stock but what would be the fun in that?  I think if making keto gravy without the pan drippings, making the stock from the spare turkey parts adds the turkey flavor that the drippings would have added.

Finished Turkey StockAbove is the final output of the whole process, some homemade chicken stock! I stored it in my fat separator which is a really handy tool.  The fat goes to the top of the liquid and this thing pours out from the bottom.  It also has a strainer so you can remove solids.  You might be saying, but keto is based on fat? Why get rid of it?  Well if there is too much fat in say a gravy, it will separate and get nasty, so even though fat is good, we still need to make a good gravy 🙂

GibletsThis recipe starts with the giblets. As mentioned in the Turkey Prep article, these will be located inside the bird. The top left is the neck, which I have broken into four parts. Top right is the gizzard, middle right is the liver and the bottom right is the heart.  The bottom left is some spare skin from the rear of the bird and the bottom middle is the spare neck part. At this point, DISCARD THE LIVER! We will not be using it for the gravy as it can contain some harmful toxins.

Cooking GizzardsThrow the remaining giblets in a large, deep pan and start cooking them! They should brown for about 5-10 minutes. I used bacon grease but you could use butter.

Chopped OnionWhile the gizzards are cooking, finely chop a small onion.  I like to get these stringy onion sections where I cut the onion in half as shown and then cut the onion as thin as I can.

Thinly chopped celeryChop up two stalks of celery.

Browned GibletsMake sure to turn the giblets a couple of times to get all sides browned as shown.

Vegetables and GibletsThrow in the vegetables and cook for 5-10 more minutes.

Reduced Vegetables and GibletsAt this point the vegetables have reduced to a translucent state.  Throw in the minced garlic, peppercorn and thyme.

Start of Turkey BrothNow we are ready to make the broth.  Add in the Chicken broth and water and simmer for 45=60 minutes.

Turkey Broth after simmeringHere is the broth after simmering.

Pan with strainerFor the actual broth, we need to separate the liquid from the vegetables and giblets.  To do this, just take a fine mesh strainer and pour the mixture through.

Strained brothIf you are going to make gravy with your broth, make sure to save the giblets and vegetables!

Finished Turkey BrothWell that’s it folks!  Stay tuned for my keto turkey gravy and keto stuffing using the broth!

Turkey Broth
  • 32 Oz Chicken Broth
  • 4 Cups Water
  • 1 packet Giblets
  • 2 Stalks Celery
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  • 1 tsp Thyme
  1. Take the giblets and chop up the neck, also, discard the liver
  2. Cook the giblets in a large pot for 5-10 minutes, turn occasionally to brown on all sides
  3. Chop up the onions and celery, add to the pot and cook for another 5-10 minutes until vegetables are translucent
  4. Add the garlic and thyme and mix
  5. Add the water and chicken broth and simmer for 45-60 minutes
  6. Strain the mixture and store the turkey broth, covered, in the fridge until needed
  7. If making gravy, save the strained vegetables and giblets for added flavor

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