Rendering Leaf Lard
  • 7 Lbs Leaf Lard
  • 1 Cup water (Optional)
  1. Cut up the leaf lard and grind in a meat grinder, if you don't have a meat grinder, just cut into small cubes
  2. Place in a crockpot on low for 1.5 lbs, stirring mid way to breakup the fat
  3. Ladle the fat into a storage device, filtering out any particulates using a strainer and cheesecloth
  4. Refrigerate or freeze the lard for future use!
I started with 7 Lbs of raw fat and ended with 4 20 ounce jars and 1 14 ounce jar of fat. So on this run I got an 84% yield. I suspect since my lard was pretty pure and I didn't use any water, I must have gotten a higher yield than some of the other resources I saw online.
Recipe by Caveman Keto at