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Playing with Cheese: Cheddar Taco Shells

Last time on Playing with Cheese I did Parmesan Chips. In this segment I will make cheese taco shells.  These are a surprisingly versatile shell that is flexible, taste, and can hold many different types of foods.

Cheese TacoHere the finished product is shown with some pork carnitas, green peppers, sour cream, cheese and salsa.

Cheese on parchment paperThe first step is to put a piece of parchment paper in your microwave and place some cheese on it.  For this test I used grated cheddar cheese.  Lay it out in an approximate circle.

Finished TacoHere is the finished product.  Its a little hard to take a picture of the process because it has to be done very fast.  You start by microwaving the cheese. It will vary by microwave but on mine its about 1:20. You want to stop it when the cheese STOPS boiling.  It will be very steamy so it can be hard to see inside the microwave.  When it stops boiling, open it up, and quickly take it out and bend it into a taco. This is accomplished by folding the two sides together and holding it.  It will harden pretty quickly.  It will separate from the parchment paper pretty easily. It shouldn’t stick at all.

Taco using slicesFor my second taco, I wanted to try using slices of cheddar rather than shredded.  I just laid out two slices of cheese in the shape of a taco.  The idea being that this is both easier to layout and easier to measure.

Both TacosThe taco on the right is the one from the cheese slices.  I think it worked pretty well! For this one I tried to give it a flat bottom and it was pretty successful.

Cheese BurritoHere is another example of the cheese taco in use.  For this one, I was trying to make a cheese burrito but I didn’t make it big enough.  I microwaved it and then very quickly dropped a slice of bacon and the eggs while it was still on parchment paper.  I then wrapped the parchment paper / cheese over the concoction to try and make a burrito.  Not totally burrito like but it tasted really good!  I think the recommended way to do this would be with the slices.  Its more consistent.  This one was made with two slices of cheese laid next to each other.  If I used 3 or 4, I think I could make a whole wrapped burrito.

Cheese Taco
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 2-3 Slices Cheddar Cheese
  1. Cut out proper sized parchment paper
  2. Layout cheese in the shape of a circle or taco shell
  3. Microwave for 1:20 minutes or until bubbles stop
  4. Quickly form parchment paper into taco shell
  5. Fill with awesomeness!

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