Breakfast is one of my favorite keto experimentation areas. Probably because bacon is such a large part of my keto experience. I normally make staple, casserole style meals for the weeks and then I just experiment with different things on the weekend.

Faux Bread Quest: Flax Buns

Flax Bun

So, I have a little obsession with finding the PERFECT breakfast sandwich.  I started with making the traditional  Oopsie Rolls. Then I made the ever popular Minute Muffin.  I was not very happy with the hold of the of the Oopsie’s even though the shape …

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Runny Eyed Peppers

Beginning of Runny Eyed Peppers

I still remember the first time I ever saw a one eyed jack being cooked.  I was camping and it was total sorcery.  I knew about french toast but not about putting the eggs IN the bread!  It goes by many other names, eggs in …

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Faux Bread Quest: Minute Muffin

Finished Minute Muffin

Obviously I am obsessed with making a decent breakfast sandwich. I’ve accepted that Oopsie’s suck.  They are still a useful tool to have around but in terms of holding a sandwich in your hands, it doesn’t cut it.  Enter contender number 2, the famous “minute …

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Faux Bread Quest: Oopsie’s

Finished Oopsie Breakfast Sandwich

For some reason I am obsessed with the perfect Keto breakfast sandwich. Here is my latest try at Oopsie rolls. It turned out looking a lot better than last time, but it still fell apart ...  Here was the process: Separate three eggs into yolks and …

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