A mix of smattering of kitchen tools that I’ve either created, purchased or reviewed. This section shows you how to make a Sous Vide from scratch as well as reviews of my deep frying habits!

The Perfect Bacon Bowl?

Bacon Bowl with Eggs

So when this first came out, I vowed to never buy one. A Bacon Bowl? Who would get such a thing? Sure, I’ve made Bacones, hundreds of Bacon Weaves, even a Bacon  Basket Weave, but never have I bought a commercial product just to cook …

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Fry-day: DIY Bacon Weave Frying Basket

Fried Bacon Weave

Ever since I started using my deep fryer I knew I wanted to fry bacon.  Sure, I had fried bacon in the first intro to deep frying article but it twisted, turned and wasn’t very useful for anything but bacon bits. I knew there had …

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Deep Fried Keto

Fried Jalapeno Poppers

Back in college I used to own a deep fryer. I remember it fondly; we would bring it out, fry some tater tots, fry some chicken tenders, coat candy in pancake batter and fry that, etc. Basically the most unhealthy thing imaginable. I got rid …

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Caveman Keto Quick Tips: Reseasoning Cast Iron

Electrolysis Rust Removal

In part 2 of this guide I will show you how to take a raw cast iron pan and reseason it. This will involve applying multiple cycles of oiling, curing at a high temperature, and then cooling. The end result will be a robust, non …

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Caveman Keto Quick Tips: Cast Iron Rust Removal

Electrolysis Rust Removal

Have a rusty old cast iron pan in the basement? Need to remove the rust from your latest antique purchase?  Enter Electrolysis Rust Removal! Simply follow this easy to understand tutorial to use electricity to remove the rust from any rusted piece!  All items available …

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Caveman Keto Quick Tips: Shredded Cheese

Shredded Cheese

Did you know that store bought shredded cheese uses potato starches (carbs) to keep the cheese from sticking? Why not save money and carbs by shredding your own! In this Caveman Keto Quick Tip I’ll show you how easy it is to shred your own …

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Caveman Sous Vide

Sous Vide Flank Steak

Update: Consumer Sous Vide machines have really dropped in price since I made my sous video machine.  I now recommend an Anova Sous Vide instead of making one. You probably thought I was going to throw some hot rocks into a pool of water, didn’t …

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Kitchen Tools: Cast Iron Griddle!

Finished Skilet Breakfast

I finally got my Lodge cast iron griddle in from Amazon.  For some reason, the bacon I’ve been buying from BJ’s is really long.  As a result, when I cook it in my regular 12″ skillet, I can only fit so many pieces and they …

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Kitchen Tools: Microwave Food Cover

This one is so simple but I doubt many people even know they exist!  We had something similar when I was a kid but I never thought to look for one until now.  On the keto diet we are ALWAYS microwaving stuff. Almost 100% of …

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