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Caveman Keto’s Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving 2013

I must confess, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I have fond memories of spending the holiday with family and eating multiple feasts of Turkey with all the trimmings! I’ve been on Keto for going on three years now so I’ve covered many different …

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Cheddar Carbquik Biscuits

Cheddar Carbquik Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

Growing up our Thanksgiving table always had some Pillsbury Grands biscuits to soak up gravy and for impromptu turkey sandwiches. Traditional wheat based recipes are out for keto but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a good biscuit!  As you know, I’ve been experimenting with …

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Keto Whipped Egg Nog

Eggnog with Nutmeg

So as you may know, I recently acquired an ISI Mini Whip.  If you’re not familiar, its a device that makes whipped cream.  Its the mini version of the one they use at Starbucks. My first foray into custom whipped cream was Alcoholic Whipped Cream. …

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How to Make Turducken

Turducken Cross Section

Thanksgiving is one of those American holidays that has a strong focus on food.  There’s no reason we can’t take advantage of that on the keto diet!  Last year I made a whole three part guide on how to fry a turkey (Part 1 & …

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Caveman Keto Tips: How to Debone a Turkey

How to debone a Turkey

Today on Caveman Keto Tips I show you how to debone a turkey! I deboned this turkey for use in a Turducken but it also allows you to put in more stuffing. Check out more Thanksgiving recipes on the website.

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Almond Bun Stuffing

Finished Almond Bun Stuffing

Ever since I baked the first batch of Almond Buns I knew I was onto something big. There has been no end to the creativity and uses for the almond buns including pizzas, waffles, endless breakfast ideas and even hor d’oeurves! It remains the most …

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Keto Giblet Gravy!!

Boil the gravy

The holiday season is upon us and hidden carbs are everywhere.  One of the main sources of hidden carbs are sauces and dressings.  Its pretty easy to spot carbs when confronted with meat and veggies but what about the gravy? Generally gravy is made by …

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Turkey Broth

From the better late than never department, I am finally getting around to posting the super cool keto friendly recipes I made for Thanksgiving. The very first thing I made was turkey stock.  I used it as the basis for both my keto gravy and …

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