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Brussel Sprouts are a super keto friendly vegetable that goes well with any keto meal.

Spicy Fried Brussels Sprouts | Video

Spicy Fried Brussels Sprouts

Well folks, it’s that time again, FryDay! This is part of my ongoing series where I feature keto fried goodies! Today I’m going to break out the lard, fire up the fryer and make me some Brussels Sprouts! For more info check out the original …

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Fry-day: Spicy Fried Brussels Sprouts

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Well folks, its that time again, Fry-day! As I mentioned last time, I’m going to try and do a weekly column where I feature something fried. Today I’m going to get out the grease, fire up the fryer and make me some brussels sprouts! Here’s …

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Brussels Sprout Casserole

Finished Brussel Sprout Casserole

Brussels sprouts are pretty much my favorite vegetable. I used to not like them but then I realized I was just lacking the proper preparation.  In the past I’ve fried or baked them but today I’m going to combine them into a casserole. This makes …

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Cast Iron Skillet Frittata

Finished Cast Iron Skillet Frittata

If you know me, you know I love my cast iron.  I have a fancy set of Calphalon non stick that we got for our wedding but since I’ve started keto I almost exclusively cook with Cast Iron.  Well recently I’ve pickup up a new …

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Cheesy Brussels Sprouts

Wash Brussel Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. I never liked them growing up but now that I have found more interesting ways to prepare them I’ve grown to love them. The first time I ever used the food processor to prepare brussels sprouts was …

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Brussels Sprout Burgers

Brussel Sprout Burger

I love brussels sprouts.  They are one of my favorite vegetables but its so much work to prepare them.  I really like my Bacon Brussels Sprouts but to properly prepare them you need to quarter and wash a million brussels sprouts! Then I got the idea, …

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Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Getting enough greens is always an issue.  Even though keto is heavy on the fat and protein, you still need your vegetables!  So what’s the best way to prepare vegetables?  Drench them in fat and bacon of course! Here is the finished dish and let …

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