Kitchen Tools: Microwave Food Cover

This one is so simple but I doubt many people even know they exist!  We had something similar when I was a kid but I never thought to look for one until now.  On the keto diet we are ALWAYS microwaving stuff. Almost 100% of my meals are prepared ahead of time and therefore need to be microwaved to heat up.  This was creating a really messy microwave that constantly had to be cleaned.  Sauces would explode, chicken would pop, and the result was a nasty microwave with dried, old food everywhere.  Yuck!  Enter the microwave food cover!

Microwave Food CoverHere is the cover. Most of my food fits under the entire thing, for my large plates it sits on the plate.

Clean MicrowaveStart with a clean microwave!

Microwave cover in placeHere I am microwaving my lunch.  This week I was eating Chicken Broccoli Soup.

Finished MicrowavingHere is the completed microwave.  Steam forms on the inside and any food is caught.  As you can see, nothing can get dirty!  Both the base of the microwave and this cover can go in the dishwasher so its makes it much easier to clean!

Finished FoodBon Appetit! I am seriously considering bringing one into the office, if to only try and keep other people’s nasty food from falling off the top of the microwave into mine!

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