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Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day! What’s better than some bacon and eggs? Generally my breakfast recipes can be divided into two categories: Pragmatic, good for the week recipes that are bulk prepapred, and crazy over the top stuff I make on a weekend. Generally I eat either a breakfast casserole or breakfast muffins but on the weekends I tend to experiment.

Bacon breakfast Muffins (Updated)

Finished Bacon Muffins

This is another simple recipe that can yield an entire weeks worth of keto friendly breakfasts.  Its very simple and can be customized as many ways as you can imagine.  Its basically a full keto breakfast on the go in muffin form. Here is the …

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Breakfast Quiche

Finished Quiche!

Generally I like to cook all of my wife and I’s food for the week on the weekend. Having food ready and accessible makes it much easier to stick with a diet.  When breakfast and lunches are premade, you just grab it and go, no …

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