Finished Caveman Eggs Benedict!

Caveman Eggs Benedict

I LOVE Eggs Benedict!  It is one of my true weaknesses.  Although I hadn’t had it yet while on keto because you need an english muffin and you have to make hollandaise sauce.  I’ve made it in the past with the sauce from a packet but that has carbs in it. So, I was watching one of my favorite shows, The Pioneer Woman, and she showed how to make Hollandaise sauce from scratch!  This, combined with my trusty almond buns, and we’ve got some Caveman Eggs Benedict action!

Caveman Eggs BenedictHere is the finished product!  I ended up using almond buns, cheese, a bacon weave, a poached egg and the hollandaise sauce. I started by making the sauce, for this, head over to The Pioneer Woman’s site for the recipe.  It was pretty simple, I just mixed the eggs, lemon juice and melted butter in my mixer.

Finished Almond BunsHere are the completed almond buns.

Pressing Bacon WeaveHere is a picture of the bacon press working its magic on the bacon weaves. For a more detailed explanation on making the 3×3 bacon weave click in the link or watch this YouTube video.

Boiling WaterNow is the complex part, you want to setup for making the poached eggs.  Start by bringing the water to a simmer and adding some vinegar, then, and this is key, swirl the water.  You can kind of see it in the picture above, but you want a sort of vortex in the middle.  This ensures your eggs will be whole rather than a hot mess.

Eggs in prep cupsBefore I put the eggs in, I break them into prep bowls to make the process smoother.  You want a clean and quick entry into the water and its better to not directly crack the eggs into the water.

Poached EggHere is the egg mid poaching.  You want to cook it for around 3 minutes.

Finished Poached EggHere is the finished egg. I was originally going to use a slotted spoon (pictured in back), but it turned out my fish spatula was actually the best tool for the job.  Shake off any excess water and get to assembling!

Almond Buns and Bacon WeaveTake an almond bun and put a bacon weave on it.

CheeseAdd cheese on top of the almond buns.

Finished Caveman Eggs Benedict!And here is the finished product!  It was pretty amazing and I had enough hollandaise sauce to make this for days!


Hollandaise sauce: It’s Eggs Benedict Day!

Almond Buns: Faux Bread Quest: Holy Grail! Almond Buns!!!

Caveman Eggs Benedict
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 2
  • Serving size: 1
  • Calories: 557
  • Fat: 51
  • Carbohydrates: 4
  • Fiber: 2
  • Protein: 23
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 Hollandaise sauce
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 4 Slices Bacon
  • 2 Slices Cheddar Cheese
  • 2 Almond Buns
  • 1 Tbsp White Vinegar
  1. Make Hollandaise sauce per recipe above
  2. Make Almond Buns per recipe above
  3. Simmer some water and add 1 Tbsp Vinegar
  4. Break eggs into prep bowls
  5. Create two 3x3 bacon weaves and cook until crisp
  6. Swirl water and add egg yolks, cook for three minutes
  7. While eggs are cooking, take an almond bun, top it with a bacon weave and some cheddar cheese, then the cooked egg
  8. Drizzle with Hollandaise sauce!

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