Finished Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

As warmer weather starts to roll in, don’t waste your money at coffee shops on iced coffee when you can make it at home!  Also, most coffee shops version of “cream” is actually half-n-half which is not that keto friendly.  This is really easy and tastes far better than a coffee shop!

Finished Iced CoffeeThe only thing required to make your own iced coffee is a little bit of time and preparation.  Above you can see the finished product with coffee ice cubes, iced coffee and a little cream! Start by making a full pot of coffee and putting it in the refrigerator on a hot mat to cool.

Coffee Ice CubesThis next step is what really sets homemade iced coffee apart from Dunkins or Starbucks. Coffee Ice Cubes!  All you have to do is take a standard ice tray and fill it with some of the cooled coffee.  The coffee doesn’t have to be completely cold yet but it shouldn’t be too hot that it hurts the tray.  I also sprinkle cinnamon on the cubes for an added extra touch of flavor.

Finished Coffee Ice CubesHere are the finished cubes!

Homemade Iced CoffeeAnd there you have it, homemade iced coffee!  Buying it at a store is really a ripoff, coffee is a lot cheaper to make at home and what you get in the store is mostly ice.  Also, because of the amount of iced coffee they make, it is only luke warm when they put it into the ice so it melts and dilutes.  This coffee stays cold almost the whole day! Tip: I normally make this on a whim on a weekend and the order is that I often make a pot, then don’t drink it all.  Around noon, this is a half pot of cold coffee.  So I make the cubes out of that, then brew another pot and put it into the fridge.  By the afternoon or the next day, I have iced coffee!


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