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Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Finished Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Ever since I made the Almond Buns I knew there would be a ton of other uses. This week I decided to use the buns to make personal pizzas using the buns! Using individual buns is great for portion control and also allows each pizza …

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Playing with Cheese: Cheddar Taco Shells

Finished Taco

Last time on Playing with Cheese I did Parmesan Chips. In this segment I will make cheese taco shells.  These are a surprisingly versatile shell that is flexible, taste, and can hold many different types of foods. Here the finished product is shown with some …

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Finished Meatza

Update: This recipe is now available in video form! Meatza! This is a pretty common keto staple meal.  Its pretty easy to make and looks just like pizza, but its Meatza! Here is the finished pieces!  You can put any toppings on it, I did …

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Faux Bread Quest: Holy Grail! Almond Buns!!!

Almond Bun

Update: This recipe is now on the Caveman Keto YouTube Channel.  Check out how to make Almond Buns! I’ve done it.  I’ve found the holy grail, the perfect bun. This has been a long journey.  First we tried Oopsies and we knew it was possible.  …

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Faux Bread Quest: Peanut Butter Bread

Finished sliced peanut bread

Ahh peanut butter bread.  This is a very controversial faux bread because of the high number of carbs is contains. It has to be included because it is by far one of the most popular and often the first entry into low carb baking for …

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Faux Bread Quest: Flax Buns

Flax Bun

So, I have a little obsession with finding the PERFECT breakfast sandwich.  I started with making the traditional  Oopsie Rolls. Then I made the ever popular Minute Muffin.  I was not very happy with the hold of the of the Oopsie’s even though the shape …

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Faux Bread Quest: Minute Muffin

Finished Minute Muffin

Obviously I am obsessed with making a decent breakfast sandwich. I’ve accepted that Oopsie’s suck.  They are still a useful tool to have around but in terms of holding a sandwich in your hands, it doesn’t cut it.  Enter contender number 2, the famous “minute …

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Faux Bread Quest: Oopsie’s

Finished Oopsie Breakfast Sandwich

For some reason I am obsessed with the perfect Keto breakfast sandwich. Here is my latest try at Oopsie rolls. It turned out looking a lot better than last time, but it still fell apart ...  Here was the process: Separate three eggs into yolks and …

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