Keto Snow Ice Cream! | Video

It’s snowmageddon up here in Beantown! We’ve just gotten our third major storm and the snow is starting to pile up. Don’t let it go to waste, transform it into a super quick and tasty keto / low carb dessert! Combine snow with heavy cream and some flavoring to make Snow Ice Cream! In this step-by-step video guide I’ll literally walk you through all of the steps. As an added bonus, I’m trying out my GoPro so I tried to give this video an “Action Adventure” style edit. Let me know what you think in the comments and stay warm!!

Tovolo 7.5 Quart Mixing Bowl
Most of my large 5day recipes and casseroles are all mixed together before being baked. You really need a giant bowl to hold all the ingredients and this one fits the bill!
Torani Sugar Free Syrup
Sugar Free Syrups are great if you want to create a special keto cocktail or spice up your coffee. Since these things are so specific, they are rarely found in stores and have to be bought online.

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