Breakfast is one of my favorite keto experimentation areas. Probably because bacon is such a large part of my keto experience. I normally make staple, casserole style meals for the weeks and then I just experiment with different things on the weekend.

Baked Eggs

Eggs Baking

So as you probably already know, I like to get a little fancy on the weekend. I love my breakfast quiches but sometimes I need something different.  Normally on the weekend I just weave some bacon, fry and egg, slap some cheese on it, and …

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Cast Iron Skillet Frittata

Finished Cast Iron Skillet Frittata

If you know me, you know I love my cast iron.  I have a fancy set of Calphalon non stick that we got for our wedding but since I’ve started keto I almost exclusively cook with Cast Iron.  Well recently I’ve pickup up a new …

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Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Finished Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Update: I’ve posted a YouTube video on making Chorizo Breakfast Casserole! I break my breakfast foods into two separate categories. First there is the weekend breakfast. This is meant to be extravagant, over the top, and possibly really long and time consuming.  There is a …

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Brussels Sprout Burgers

Brussel Sprout Burger

I love brussels sprouts.  They are one of my favorite vegetables but its so much work to prepare them.  I really like my Bacon Brussels Sprouts but to properly prepare them you need to quarter and wash a million brussels sprouts! Then I got the idea, …

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Bacon Almond Waffles

Finished Bacon Almond Waffle

Looking for something special to make for breakfast? Have a hankering for both bacon and waffles? Tired of eating just breakfast quiche and breakfast muffins? Make Bacon Almond Waffles and have the best of both worlds!  Waffles are something not easy to replicate on the …

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Bacon Deviled Eggs

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic keto friendly food. So what better to do than add bacon! Here is the finished product! Start by carefully placing the eggs in cold water.  Make sure the water covers about 1 inch above the eggs. If you have your …

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Caveman Eggs Benedict

Finished Caveman Eggs Benedict!

I LOVE Eggs Benedict!  It is one of my true weaknesses.  Although I hadn’t had it yet while on keto because you need an english muffin and you have to make hollandaise sauce.  I’ve made it in the past with the sauce from a packet …

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Iced Coffee

Finished Iced Coffee

As warmer weather starts to roll in, don’t waste your money at coffee shops on iced coffee when you can make it at home!  Also, most coffee shops version of “cream” is actually half-n-half which is not that keto friendly.  This is really easy and …

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Bacon Wrapped Eggs

Egg in bacon ring

In the past I’ve made runny eyed peppers which was a play on the traditional hole in a piece of bread with egg cooked in it.  Others have cooked eggs in the middle of onions and recently I encased an egg in sausage. The next …

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Scotch Eggs

Finished Scotch Eggs

So the day after St. Patrick’s day I was sick of the Irish, so I decided to make Scotch Eggs! They turned out better than I could have possibly hoped. Start by making four hard boiled eggs and grab a package of Jimmy Dean’s Pork …

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