Breakfast is one of my favorite keto experimentation areas. Probably because bacon is such a large part of my keto experience. I normally make staple, casserole style meals for the weeks and then I just experiment with different things on the weekend.

Fry-day: The Bacone!

Bacone for Breakfast

Ahh, the bacone! Ever since I bought a fryer I knew I would be returning to my favorite bacony treat, the bacone!  I made one back in the day after seeing it on TV but I baked it and it never really set as well …

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Spaghetti Squash Pancakes

Spaghetti Squash Pancake

Earlier this week I made some Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce and it was amazing!  It got me thinking, what else could I do with Spaghetti Squash?  Its very stringy and it reminded me a lot of my previous experiments with faux potatoes.  Particularly, the …

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Hotel Room Breakfast

Breakfast with a View

Travel is one of the toughest parts of keto.  When you’re in the comfort of your own kitchen you can cook whatever you want and you control everything that goes into your food. Its a lot harder to control how your food is prepared when …

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Steak and Eggs

Finished Steak and Eggs

If you follow the blog you know that I like to make most of my meals ahead of time. I call this the 5day method and have a series of breakfast and lunch options that I make on Sunday for the work week. For breakfast …

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Open Faced Quail Egg Sandwich

Quail Egg Sandwiches

Who says we can’t have nice things?  I recently went to the local Asian grocery store and these quail eggs caught my eye. I’ve never cooked them before or really seen them used but I knew I had to try them!  I made some mini …

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Caveman Keto Recipes: Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

Looking to spice up your breakfast? Need something to last all week? Combine Chorizo with vegetables, cheese and eggs! This recipe is part of the Caveman Keto Meal Plan and is a great staple for your weekday breakfast. Check out the original recipe for the …

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Caveman Keto Recipes: Almond Buns

Almond Buns

Almond buns, the best thing to ever happen to keto, period. These buns are an excellent bread replacement for those on a low carb, gluten free, atkins or keto diet.  They hold up really well and have an excellent taste!  They can be pretty tricky …

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Caveman Keto Quick Tips: Making a Bacon Weave

Bacon Weave

Ever wonder how to make the perfect bacon weave? Look no further!  Using a bacon press and a cast iron pan I’ll show you the formula for the ideal weave.  Use it as a bread replacement, on top of a burger, or with bacon eggs …

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Bacon Hash

Finished Bacon Hash!

Last weekend was my wife and my anniversary and I really wanted to come up with something special.  So, whats more special than bacon? Ok, so we eat bacon pretty much every day so its not THAT special but still, bacon hash is pretty awesome.  …

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Keto Breakfast Pizza

Finished Baking Keto Breakfast Pizza

I actually saw this idea on the keto section of reddit.  Someone went to a restaurant and they served them a breakfast “pizza” made out of baked eggs. I’m always looking for interesting ways to spice up my weekend breakfast so I thought I’d give …

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