Breakfast is one of my favorite keto experimentation areas. Probably because bacon is such a large part of my keto experience. I normally make staple, casserole style meals for the weeks and then I just experiment with different things on the weekend.

Eggs in a Cloud

Finished Eggs in a Cloud

Time to spice up the weekend breakfast! I’ve been wanting to make this for a while and I finally remembered at the same time that breakfast was ready to be made. Its been made many different ways by lots of different people. A fellow blogger …

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Lettuce Breakfast Taco

Lettuce Breakfast Taco

I like to try all sorts of different things for breakfast on the weekends. For the weekdays it stays pretty boring with either breakfast muffins or breakfast quiche, but when I have more time, I like to switch it up. Today I wanted to try …

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Faux Bread Quest: Bacon Weave Sandwich!

Finished Bacon Weave

Update: I’ve posted a YouTube Video on how to make a Bacon Weave! I’ve looked at lots of different bread replacements such as almond and flax buns, peanut butter bread and minute muffins.  Another twist is to use meat in place of bread like in …

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Kitchen Tools: Cast Iron Griddle!

Finished Skilet Breakfast

I finally got my Lodge cast iron griddle in from Amazon.  For some reason, the bacon I’ve been buying from BJ’s is really long.  As a result, when I cook it in my regular 12″ skillet, I can only fit so many pieces and they …

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Bacone: The Ultimate Keto Breakfast!

Mid Cooking in Convection Oven

Friends, I’ve eaten a lot of bacon in my day but never have I see something as cool as this. Sure we’ve made Bacon Explosions and Bacon Baskets. Hell, we’ve wrapped everything we could think of in bacon.  We’ve chopped it up and put it …

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Playing with Cheese: Cheddar Taco Shells

Finished Taco

Last time on Playing with Cheese I did Parmesan Chips. In this segment I will make cheese taco shells.  These are a surprisingly versatile shell that is flexible, taste, and can hold many different types of foods. Here the finished product is shown with some …

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Bacon Weave Open Sandwich

Finished Product

Update: I’ve posted a YouTube Video on how to make a Bacon Weave! On the weekends I like to cook breakfast from scratch.  During the week I will often eat something premade that is easy to reheat like breakfast quiche or breakfast muffins. Today I …

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Faux Bread Quest: Holy Grail! Almond Buns!!!

Almond Bun

Update: This recipe is now on the Caveman Keto YouTube Channel.  Check out how to make Almond Buns! I’ve done it.  I’ve found the holy grail, the perfect bun. This has been a long journey.  First we tried Oopsies and we knew it was possible.  …

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Bacon breakfast Muffins (Updated)

Finished Bacon Muffins

This is another simple recipe that can yield an entire weeks worth of keto friendly breakfasts.  Its very simple and can be customized as many ways as you can imagine.  Its basically a full keto breakfast on the go in muffin form. Here is the …

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Breakfast Quiche

Finished Quiche!

Generally I like to cook all of my wife and I’s food for the week on the weekend. Having food ready and accessible makes it much easier to stick with a diet.  When breakfast and lunches are premade, you just grab it and go, no …

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