All of the ketogenic diet recipes from Caveman Keto

Almond Bun Stuffing

Finished Almond Bun Stuffing

Ever since I baked the first batch of Almond Buns I knew I was onto something big. There has been no end to the creativity and uses for the almond buns including pizzas, waffles, endless breakfast ideas and even hor d’oeurves! It remains the most popular article and I think people really enjoy having a low carb option for bread. ... Read More »

Keto Giblet Gravy!!

Boil the gravy

The holiday season is upon us and hidden carbs are everywhere.  One of the main sources of hidden carbs are sauces and dressings.  Its pretty easy to spot carbs when confronted with meat and veggies but what about the gravy? Generally gravy is made by combining broth, fat and flour to create a thick gravy. Since keto doesn’t allow flour, ... Read More »

Turkey Broth


From the better late than never department, I am finally getting around to posting the super cool keto friendly recipes I made for Thanksgiving. The very first thing I made was turkey stock.  I used it as the basis for both my keto gravy and my keto stuffing.  Of course you could always just sub chicken stock but what would ... Read More »

Caveman Keto’s Ultimate Fried Turkey Guide: Part 2 – Brining

Turkey in Fryer

Last weekend we threw a Friendsgiving party where we had a bunch of people over and everyone brought their favorite Thanksgiving meals. We made Cheesy Green Bean Casserole along with a pumpkin cheesecake, Sous Vide Eye Round Roast and of course fried turkey!  Last post I discussed prepping the turkey and this time I’m going to go over brining. This ... Read More »

Caveman Keto’s Ultimate Fried Turkey Guide: Part 1 – Prep


Tired of the same old bland turkey? Wish you could cook it faster? Wondering what your going to do now that you’re eating keto and there is no stuffing?  Fear not fellow ketoers, fried turkey to the rescue!! This will be the first of three parts for frying a turkey.  This section will cover the preparation of the turkey.  The ... Read More »

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

Prepped Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

Last weekend I had a few friends over for an early Friendsgiving.  If your not familiar, Friendsgiving is a made up holiday where you gather all of your friends together and eat Thanksgiving like food since you all might be spending actual Thanksgiving with relatives. This time last year I wasn’t on keto so I really wanted to go all ... Read More »

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Finished Pumpkin Seeds

Well its that time of year again and after you’ve finished carving your pumpkins, instead of pitching the seeds along with the meat, save them and roast your own low carb, keto friendly snack! Here were the finished Pumpkin Seeds; they really turned out well! Start by carving your pumpkins.  Make sure to make them kick butt, and it never ... Read More »

Bacon Almond Waffles

Finished Bacon Almond Waffle

Looking for something special to make for breakfast? Have a hankering for both bacon and waffles? Tired of eating just breakfast quiche and breakfast muffins? Make Bacon Almond Waffles and have the best of both worlds!  Waffles are something not easy to replicate on the keto diet but today I really wanted one.  So, I took the Almond Bun recipe, ... Read More »

Faux Pasta Quest: Shirataki Chicken Alfredo

Finished Shirataki Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Spinach was always my favorite carboholic pasta dish. However, fear not because there are plenty of fake pasta substitutes available to feed your cravings.  Today we tried another Shirataki dish.  Last time we did a stir fry but today I wanted to go more towards classic Italian. Here is the finished dish with some fresh grated ... Read More »