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Keto friendly deep fryer recipes!

Fry-day: Deep Fried Jalapeno Poppers

Fried Jalapeno Poppers

With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Deep fried foods, Jalapeno Poppers! On the very first fry-day I made these wonderful little morsels but I never had time to write an article on them. …

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Fry-day: The Bacone!

Bacone for Breakfast

Ahh, the bacone! Ever since I bought a fryer I knew I would be returning to my favorite bacony treat, the bacone!  I made one back in the day after seeing it on TV but I baked it and it never really set as well …

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Fry-day: Fried Zucchini

Fried Zucchini

Well folks, its that time of the week again, Fry-day! So break out your deep fryer, warm up some lard, and let’s get frying! Today I’m going to try and replicate one of the SAD diet favorites, chips!  I’m going to show you several ways …

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Fry-day: Cheesy Sausage Balls

Fried Cheesy Sausage Balls

Sometimes, simple is best. This Fry-day, I’m taking some pre-made cheesy sausage balls and throwing them in the deep fryer. That’s it. I like this one cause you can premake and freeze a bunch of sausage balls and just fry a few at a time …

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Fry-day: Frying Cheese

Fried Cheese

Welcome to this week’s edition of Fry-day!  Today I’m going to break out the fryer and fry some cheese!  If you’re not familiar, there is a cheese Queso de Freir that is specifically for grilling or frying. Its a spongy cheese that kind of reminds …

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Fry-day: How to make Crispy Wings!

Crispy Fried Wing

Update: This recipe is now also on CMK’s YouTube Channel. Check it out: Super Crispy Wings! I’ve made tons of wings before but they’ve never truly been as crispy as I’d like.  Sure, most times they exceed the quality of restaurants but some places serve …

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Fry-day: DIY Bacon Weave Frying Basket

Fried Bacon Weave

Ever since I started using my deep fryer I knew I wanted to fry bacon.  Sure, I had fried bacon in the first intro to deep frying article but it twisted, turned and wasn’t very useful for anything but bacon bits. I knew there had …

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Fry-day: Spicy Fried Brussels Sprouts

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Well folks, its that time again, Fry-day! As I mentioned last time, I’m going to try and do a weekly column where I feature something fried. Today I’m going to get out the grease, fire up the fryer and make me some brussels sprouts! Here’s …

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Rendering Leaf Lard

Leaf Lard

As you know, I’ve recently become obsessed with deep frying. I’ve been frying up a storm and the whole process got me thinking on what would be the ideal cooking fat.  I’ve always cooked my vegetables and pretty much everything with left over bacon fat …

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Fry-day: Keto Chicken Nuggets

Keto Chicken Nuggets

Guess what day it is?  It’s Fry-day!  That’s right, in an effort to post more often, I’m going to introduce a weekly column called “Fry-day”, where I post a new recipe every Friday! In case you missed it, I just picked up a DeLonghi Deep …

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