Lunch food.

Chicken Salad

Finished Chicken Salad

Here is another simple lunch that you can throw together for an entire week.  I like to make this in conjunction with Tuna Salad because you can prep once and get two different meals. Here is the completed chicken salad in my lunch container. The …

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Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Finished Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Ever since I made the Almond Buns I knew there would be a ton of other uses. This week I decided to use the buns to make personal pizzas using the buns! Using individual buns is great for portion control and also allows each pizza …

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Chicken Broccoli “Soup”

Finished Chicken Broccoli "Soup"

This is the second meal  in my series of perfect ratio cooking.  The last one was Caveman Chili. What I mean by “perfect ratio” is that as prepared the meal already conforms to the 65/30/5 fat/protein/carb rule of a ketogenic diet. This meal is a …

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Playing with Cheese: Cheddar Taco Shells

Finished Taco

Last time on Playing with Cheese I did Parmesan Chips. In this segment I will make cheese taco shells.  These are a surprisingly versatile shell that is flexible, taste, and can hold many different types of foods. Here the finished product is shown with some …

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Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Finished Casserole

The hardest meal to think of innovative options for is lunch.  For breakfast there are many different egg and bacon concepts.  For dinner you can make steaks, side dishes, etc.  For lunch, the entire meal needs to fit in a tiny container and generally everything …

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Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

I am constantly trying to find new things that are both tasty and are easy to make in high volume. Because I cook all of my meals ahead of time, I don’t want to spend a ton of time making them.  After weeks of Chicken …

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BBQ Pot Roast

Separated Meat

So this week I was feeling lazy so instead of a bunch of small meals, I would just cook a huge chunk of meat!  I decided to make a pot roast.  I looked to one of the best low carb websites: Linda’s.  Here is the …

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Chicken Thighs with Spinach

Chicken Thighs, Spinach and Cheese

This is one of my main lunch dishes. It is super easy to make, relatively cheap, and filling.  The original idea for this came from AreYouReadyToReddit’s Google docs page here: AreYouReadyToReddit Google Doc Here is the finished product.  It is dead simple to make and …

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Faux Bread Quest: Peanut Butter Bread

Finished sliced peanut bread

Ahh peanut butter bread.  This is a very controversial faux bread because of the high number of carbs is contains. It has to be included because it is by far one of the most popular and often the first entry into low carb baking for …

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Bacon Basket Weave

Bacon Weave Bowl with Chicken Salad

I’ve always been fascinated by bacon weaves.  Maybe I was too into basket weaving at summer camp but it really calls to me.  My first experience was with creating a bacon explosions.  However for that task I used full strips of bacon.  Recently I wanted …

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