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Breakfast Quiche

Finished Quiche!

Generally I like to cook all of my wife and I’s food for the week on the weekend. Having food ready and accessible makes it much easier to stick with a diet.  When breakfast and lunches are premade, you just grab it and go, no …

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Faux Bread Quest: Peanut Butter Bread

Finished sliced peanut bread

Ahh peanut butter bread.  This is a very controversial faux bread because of the high number of carbs is contains. It has to be included because it is by far one of the most popular and often the first entry into low carb baking for …

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Faux Bread Quest: Flax Buns

Flax Bun

So, I have a little obsession with finding the PERFECT breakfast sandwich.  I started with making the traditional  Oopsie Rolls. Then I made the ever popular Minute Muffin.  I was not very happy with the hold of the of the Oopsie’s even though the shape …

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Runny Eyed Peppers

Beginning of Runny Eyed Peppers

I still remember the first time I ever saw a one eyed jack being cooked.  I was camping and it was total sorcery.  I knew about french toast but not about putting the eggs IN the bread!  It goes by many other names, eggs in …

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Faux Bread Quest: Minute Muffin

Finished Minute Muffin

Obviously I am obsessed with making a decent breakfast sandwich. I’ve accepted that Oopsie’s suck.  They are still a useful tool to have around but in terms of holding a sandwich in your hands, it doesn’t cut it.  Enter contender number 2, the famous “minute …

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Bacon Basket Weave

Bacon Weave Bowl with Chicken Salad

I’ve always been fascinated by bacon weaves.  Maybe I was too into basket weaving at summer camp but it really calls to me.  My first experience was with creating a bacon explosions.  However for that task I used full strips of bacon.  Recently I wanted …

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