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Quick Snack: Cream Cheese Rollups

Cream Cheese Rollups

My family has been making these for years.  I never thought of how keto friendly they were!  Its a simple recipe you can either premake for a party or make live as a quick snack. Here is the finished product!  Very simple and quick to …

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Mexican Spinach Casserole

Mexican Spinach Casserole

Update: This recipe is now on the Caveman Keto YouTube Channel. Check out how to make Mexican Spinach Casserole. I am always looking for easy lunch recipes that I can whip together on Sunday and have ready all week. Chicken Thighs with Spinach used to …

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Caveman Eggs Benedict

Finished Caveman Eggs Benedict!

I LOVE Eggs Benedict!  It is one of my true weaknesses.  Although I hadn’t had it yet while on keto because you need an english muffin and you have to make hollandaise sauce.  I’ve made it in the past with the sauce from a packet …

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Iced Coffee

Finished Iced Coffee

As warmer weather starts to roll in, don’t waste your money at coffee shops on iced coffee when you can make it at home!  Also, most coffee shops version of “cream” is actually half-n-half which is not that keto friendly.  This is really easy and …

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Quick Snack: Cheesy Pepperoni

Cheesy Pepperoni

Continuing on my quest for lazy comfort food, today I’m making Cheesy Pepperoni.  Yesterday I posted Bacon Rollups and this one is even easier! Cheesy Pepperoni! These two are great keto snacks as is, 0 carbs, good ratio, and relatively low calories! Throw one serving …

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Quick Snack: Bacon Rollups

Bacon Rollups

It’s been pretty busy over here in the cave.  I’ve had a lot of work lately and its made it hard to keep up with recipes and cooking.  The other day I was pretty tired but I needed a quick snack so I made these …

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