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Chicken Salad

Finished Chicken Salad

Here is another simple lunch that you can throw together for an entire week.  I like to make this in conjunction with Tuna Salad because you can prep once and get two different meals. Here is the completed chicken salad in my lunch container. The …

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Kitchen Tools: Cast Iron Griddle!

Finished Skilet Breakfast

I finally got my Lodge cast iron griddle in from Amazon.  For some reason, the bacon I’ve been buying from BJ’s is really long.  As a result, when I cook it in my regular 12″ skillet, I can only fit so many pieces and they …

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Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Finished Almond Bun Personal Pizzas

Ever since I made the Almond Buns I knew there would be a ton of other uses. This week I decided to use the buns to make personal pizzas using the buns! Using individual buns is great for portion control and also allows each pizza …

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Bacone: The Ultimate Keto Breakfast!

Mid Cooking in Convection Oven

Friends, I’ve eaten a lot of bacon in my day but never have I see something as cool as this. Sure we’ve made Bacon Explosions and Bacon Baskets. Hell, we’ve wrapped everything we could think of in bacon.  We’ve chopped it up and put it …

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Kitchen Tools: Microwave Food Cover

This one is so simple but I doubt many people even know they exist!  We had something similar when I was a kid but I never thought to look for one until now.  On the keto diet we are ALWAYS microwaving stuff. Almost 100% of …

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Configuring MFP

Configuring My Fitness Pal

Note: New to keto? Check out the eBooks section for more info on what its all about! Update: The latest working script is by /u/Surye on Reddit and its located here: Calorie counting websites are a great tool for the low carb or keto …

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